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If someone comes back into your life as a surprise, treat them as a gift. 

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Thank you for all those that have been praying for my friend. He is still not where most would want him to be but he isn’t gone yet. He is still fighting so we should keep praying people 


Be fit <3

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Please pray for my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it has officially been confirmed that a friend/coworker is in ICU and has basically no brain activity. Doctors are saying that most likely he will not recover. I am in shock. He is so young and I believe he is strong enough to come back from this. Everyone from work and of course his family is praying for him. Please people if you have the chance please pray for him. His name is Alexander. Pray people!!!!!! Every prayer helps!!!!!!!

I think I heart just dropped to my feet. God please protect those that are truly in need right now. 

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Barack and Michelle O: You came up together. Before either of you made it you were rocking with each other, from hooptie cars, top ramon noodle meals, and tiny apartments. You know what it means for love to keep you warm at night. Despite the hardships you stuck with it, believed in each…